Testing an HTTP Server with a Database Backend

Let’s learn how to use Go to test an HTTP server with a database backend.

We'll cover the following

An HTTP server is a different kind of animal because it should already run for tests to get executed. Thankfully, the net/http/httptest package can help—we do not need to run the HTTP server on our own because the net/http/httptest package does the work for us, but we need to have the database server up and running. We are going to test the REST API server we have developed in “Chapter 10, Working with REST APIs”—we are going to copy the server_test.go file with the test code in the GitHub repository of the server.

Note: To create server_test.go, we do not have to change the implementation of the REST API server.

Coding example

The code of server_test.go, which holds the test functions for the HTTP service, is the following:

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