Let’s get an overview of code optimization, testing, and profiling.

Overview of code testing and profiling

The topics of this chapter are both practical and important, especially if we are interested in improving the performance of our Go programs and discovering bugs. This chapter primarily addresses code optimization, code testing, and code profiling.

Code optimization is the process where one or more developers try to make certain parts of a program run faster, be more efficient, or use fewer resources. Put simply, code optimization is about eliminating the bottlenecks of a program that matter. Code testing is about making sure that our code does what we want it to do. In this chapter, we are experiencing the Go way of code testing. The best time to write testing code is during development, as this can help to reveal bugs in the code as early as possible. Code profiling relates to measuring certain aspects of a program to get a detailed understanding of the way the code works. The results of code profiling may help us to decide which parts of our code need to change.

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