Let's discuss some goals that you want to achieve through the virtualization of memory.

We'll cover the following

Thus we arrive at the job of the OS in this set of notes: to virtualize memory. The OS will not only virtualize memory, though; it will do so with style. To make sure the OS does so, we need some goals to guide us. We have seen these goals before (think of the Introduction), and we’ll see them again, but they are certainly worth repeating.


One major goal of a virtual memory (VM) system is transparency. The OS should implement virtual memory in a way that is invisible to the running program. Thus, the program shouldn’t be aware of the fact that memory is virtualized; rather, the program behaves as if it has its own private physical memory. Behind the scenes, the OS (and hardware) does all the work to multiplex memory among many different jobs​ and hence implements the illusion.

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