The fork() System Call

In this lesson, you will have a look at the `fork()` system call in UNIX systems.

We'll cover the following

Running p1.c

The fork() system call is used to create a new process“A Multiprocessor System Design” by Melvin E. Conway. AFIPS ’63 Fall Joint Computer Conference, New York, USA 1963. An early paper on how to design multiprocessing systems; maybe​ the first place the term fork() was used in the discussion of spawning new processes.. However, be forewarned: it is certainly the strangest routine you will ever callWell, OK, we admit that we don’t know that for sure; who knows what routines you call when no one is looking? But fork() is pretty odd, no matter how unusual your routine-calling patterns are.. More specifically, you have a running program whose code looks like what you see in the snippet below; examine the code and run it yourself!

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