In this lesson, you will use a simple program, which is known as '', to see if you understand how simple virtual-to-physical address translation works with linear page tables.

To run the program, remember to either type just the name of the program (./ or possibly this (python When you run it with the -h (help) flag, you see:

Usage: [options]

-h, --help              show this help message and exit
-s SEED, --seed=SEED    the random seed
-a ASIZE, --asize=ASIZE 
                        address space size (e.g., 16, 64k, ...)
-p PSIZE, --physmem=PSIZE
                        physical memory size (e.g., 16, 64k, ...)
                        page size (e.g., 4k, 8k, ...)
-n NUM, --addresses=NUM number of virtual addresses to generate
-u USED, --used=USED    percent of address space that is used
-v                      verbose mode
-c                      compute answers for me

First, run the program without any arguments in the terminal below:


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