Linux Multiprocessor Schedulers

You will learn about the three Linux​ multiprocessor​ schedulers in this lesson in a concise manner.

Three different multiprocessor schedulers

Interestingly, in the Linux community, no common solution has approached building a multiprocessor scheduler. Over time, three different schedulers arose: the O(1) scheduler, the Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS), and the BF Scheduler (BFS)Look up what BF stands for on your own; be forewarned, it is not for the faint of heart.. See Meehean’s dissertation for an excellent overview of the strengths and weaknesses of said schedulers“Towards Transparent CPU Scheduling” by Joseph T. Meehean. Doctoral Dissertation at University of Wisconsin—Madison, 2011. A dissertation that covers a lot of the details of how modern Linux multiprocessor scheduling works. Pretty awesome! But, as co-advisors of Joe’s, we may be a bit biased here.; here we just summarize a few of the basics.

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