Introduction to Direct Execution

This lesson introduces you to the point in question regarding the operating system that will be discussed throughout the chapter.

In order to virtualize the CPU, the operating system needs to somehow share the physical CPU among many jobs running seemingly at the same time. The basic idea is simple: run one process for a little while, then run another one, and so forth. By time sharing the CPU in this manner, virtualization is achieved.

There are a few challenges, however, in building such virtualization machinery. The first is performance: how can we implement virtualization without adding excessive overhead to the system? The second is control: how can we run processes efficiently while retaining control over the CPU? Control is particularly important to the OS, as it is in charge of resources; without control, a process could simply run forever and take over the machine, or access information that it should not be allowed to access. Obtaining high performance while maintaining control is thus one of the central challenges in building an operating system.

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