Course Schedule

Try to solve the Course Schedule problem.


There are a total of num_courses courses you have to take. The courses are labeled from 0 to num_courses - 1. You are also given a prerequisites array, where prerequisites[i] = [a[i], b[i]] indicates that you must take course b[i] first if you want to take the course a[i]. For example, the pair [1,0][1, 0] indicates that to take course 11, you have to first take course 00.

Return TRUE if all of the courses can be finished. Otherwise, return FALSE.


  • 11 \leq num_courses 1500\leq 1500
  • 00 \leq prerequisites.length 1000\leq 1000
  • prerequisites[i].length =2= 2
  • 00 \leq a[i], b[i] << num_courses
  • All the pairs prerequisites[i] are unique.


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